Hello! It’s Tory, Kawaii, or Jung-Sook here! Just wanted to share a complete list of Aminos I’m in! They will be categorized by user name, because I use several.

The Elder Scrolls Amino- Fjoja Ghost-Singer (Kawaii Hime)

Small Youtubers, J-Fash, Kid-Hearted (An age regression Amino), Weirdos, Teen Christian Girls, Lolita 101, Kawaii Amino, Girls Amino, Spongebob Squarepants, Alternative Fashion, Cosplay- Tory Lee (Kawaii Hime)

Kpop Utopia, K Amino (An Amino for Korean things), Korean School, 2PM, Do Kyungsoo, Rap Monster, Kpop DIY, CHANYEOL, Park Jimin, Super Junior, Kpop Fanart, Girl’s Generation/Snsd, Korean Fashion, ARMY’s, Exo-L’s, EXO (엑소), K-Pop- Lee Jung-sook (Kawaii Hime)

Attack on Titan, Sweetness and Lightning, Manga and Anime, Jpop, Anime, Odottemita (Japanese for “Tried to Dance”. Essentially, vocaloid and jpop cover dances), Sailor Moon, Japan, YGO, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Kawaii Hime (Tory Senpai)

Neko Atsume, Five Nights At Freddy’s, Sims- Tory Senpai (Kawaii Hime)

Wondering the story behind the user names? Kawaii Hime (かわいい 姫) is Japanese for “Cute Princess” or more literally “Cute Demoiselle” i.e. a (usually young) female of higher birth, according to Wikipedia. I chose this username last year as I thought I was totally a kawaii princess. I use it on all Aminos so people can identify me quicker. It is mostly prominent on the Japan related Aminos. Tory Lee is a short version of my first name, Victorya, paired with my middle name, Lee. I use it for the more personal Aminos. Fjoja Ghost-Singer was my last console Skyrim character before I bought the PC version. She’s a Nord, by the way. I only use this name for Elder Scrolls Amino. Lee Jung-Sook (이 정숙) is my self-given Korean name. Coincidentally, it is also the name of a female Korean fencer, born in the 70s, I think. I chose Lee after my middle name (it was originally going to be Park after Jimin and Chanyeol, but Lee came first) and Jung-Sook because it sounds like Jungkook, who is a BIAS-WRECKER. I use this one for all the Korean Aminos. Tory Senpai was a name I started using last year. It was going to be “Tory-Chan” but I realized how much “Tory Senpai” sounds like “Mori-Senpai” from OHSHC (which my parents banned me from watching after one episode…) I use it for all the gaming related Aminos, since it was the first name of my Youtube channel, which has some gaming videos. So there you have it. My Aminos, Usernames, and backstories for the usernames. That’s it for this post. If you happen to be on any of these Aminos and you follow me using this post, leave a comment on my page and I’ll follow back! Bai!

(EDIT: 2/4/17: added J-fash and Kpop Utopia.)

(EDIT: 2/6/17: added Small Youtubers.)

(EDIT: 2/23/17: added Attack on Titan.)

-Tory Lee, Tory Senpai, Kawaii Hime, Lee Jung-Sook ❤


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