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Hello! It’s Tory, Kawaii, or Jung-Sook here! Just wanted to share a complete list of Aminos I’m in! They will be categorized by user name, because I use several.

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A Kawaii Store

Hey, guys! It’s me, Tory, Kawaii Hime, or Lee Jung-Sook. I haven’t talked to y’all since last year! Lol never mind that. I came to share with you a store. It is and they have such kawaii stuff! And if you use my referall(?) link, you get 7% off your first order! Yay! So here is my link. You have to use it instead of the other link above if you want 7% off! And everytime someone purchasing using my link, I get 50 hearts on my account! Talk about a win-win scenario! I hope that you guys find something you like! Bai bai for now!

-Tory, Kawaii Hime, Lee Jung-Sook ❤