My Kpop playlist on Spotify!

Konnichiwa! Anyeonghaseyo! Hello! I am back to share my best playlist: my kpop playlist. Check it out here and have some fun! Maybe you can follow me? Maybe? Lol jk. Sayonara and goodbye!

-Tory ❤


I have a new app now… 

I’m on Pic Collage now.  My user name is Kawaii_Hiime if you wants to follow me. Thats all I have to say. Bye.

It’s not so bad…

Kon’nichiwa, tomodachi! It’s Tory here with another weeb post. I have come to terms with being a weeaboo. After all, what’s so bad about liking something more than others? When someone tells me I’m a weeb, I just say, “Shut it and mind your own business, Baka.” And you should, too. Hopefully, this helped someone. Even if it didn’t, I still needed to get that off my chest. That’s all for now. Sayonara and Oyasumi.


My Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters OC (One of them)

This is one of my YGO OCs. Her name is Anuket, after the goddess of the Nile. Her parents were absolutely in love with the Nile, and each other. 😉 Of course, she was raised with many privileges, being the pharaoh’s daughter and all. Atem’s name for her is “Princess”, since she’s his little princess, though she has been embarrassed by it before when he called her that in front of Mahad’s son, whom she likes. Mana usually just calls her by her name, though sometimes she calls her “Nukums”. (Pronounced noo-kums) Overall, she lives a very happy lifestyle, though that may change, since I’m planning a fanfic with her in it. Sayonara and oyasumi!

-Tory ❤

A little cheering up…

Kon’nichiwa, tomodachi. Tory here. I’m having a bit of a bad day today, so a little cheering up would be much appreciated. I don’t feel comfortable with sharing more, however. Just personal issues. Anyway, I know it’s not the helpful or funny stuff I usually post, but I felt like here would be the best place to post this. Sayonara.

-Tory ❤

I am such a weaboo…

Kon’nichiwa, tomodachi! Tory here and I have come to say that I am a weaboo. Not ashamed, though. The way to prove, however, that I am a weab, is that I know more Japanese pop than I do American pop, the only dances I fully know are to J-pop, and my favorite songs are My Mistake-Stereopony, World Is Mine-Hatsune Miku, Ievan Polkka-Hatsune Miku, and Mi-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. So, tell me what you guys think. Is it really that bad to be a weaboo? Well, that’s all for now! Sayonara and Oyasumi!

-Tory ❤