Hey, guys! Senpai here! I’ve come to tell y’all about a certain catastrophe that happened last night. I was playing The Sims 4 and my little sister was watching. We got to talking about how when a male sim gets abducted by aliens, there is a small chance he may be pregnant. I quickly remarked, “There’s a very low chance he’ll even be abducted, and an even lower chance he’ll get pregnant.” No sooner than I said this, the only male sim in the household I was playing walked out of his bedroom and got abducted. I brushed it off as no big deal, since there was still a very low chance for his pregnancy. He came back home, slept for a few hours, then got up and found out he was pregnant! I was like, “Okay. I’ve been meaning for these Sims to have a kid anyway.” Fast forward two minutes later, aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddddd… His wife found out she was pregnant! Wish me luck with this household! I hope I make it! Well, that’s all for now, guys! Bye!

-Tory ❤


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